Why to Choose Foam Mattresses

Benefits of Foam Mattresses

Foam cushions and pillowsIn this article we will explain why to choose foam mattresses vs futon. Foam supports you whenever you are sleeping on it, whereas springs (traditional mattresses) only support you where the springs are. With springs, which have a syncromesh on them, the heaviest side lifts the lightest, so when two people are on the mattress together, the lightest person shifts towards the heaviest. Foam mattress supports weight equally, meaning a better quality of sleep.

Foam Mattress versus Futon

Futons are made of cotton. Because of this, moisture gathers and the end result is a hard and lumpy futon. As you can imagine…not very comfortable!

Most futon manufacturers use a low-density foam between the cotton. The futon weighs so much that this poor quality foam is being compressed 24 hours a day, even when you are not using it. Futons need to be rolled every day to get them to loft, however, most North Americans do not even change their sheets every two weeks. Another critical area of concern with the combination of the cotton of the futon and moisture is the mold and mildew that result in a short period of time.

Health Benefits

Foam is more hypo-allergenic and highly suitable for people with allergies to dust and dust mites. Foam does NOT provide a hospitable home for bed bugs and is a common recommendation for those who are looking for a solution.

Any shape available

Another benefit of foam is its flexibility to adapt to any product shape and size. At Discount Foam we can customize your foam product to your specific need and space. Give us the measure and the idea you have in mind and we will make the product into the shape and size you want.

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