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Foam Mattresses in Vancouver BC

What’s the best mattress for you

Mattresses are very personal. Best studies show that one should sleep seven and a half hours a night for optimum brain function. What firmness of mattress you need will depend on what body damage it may have received over time.

Kids:  Small kids can sleep in every type of mattress. We recommend a low cost medium quality foam for children; since they don’t have much body mass, there is no displacement. When they reach the age of 7-8, this is when you buy a better quality, longer lasting foam.

With foam being sold by weight not hardness, a 10 year lasting foam is available in soft, medium, firm and extra firm, all at the same low price. Most customers buy the medium, but one can buy a mattress that suits their sleeping priority.

Upper Back/Shoulder problems: Someone with upper back / shoulder problems, who sleeps on their side, will need, in most cases, more give in the mattress. This is because when your sleeping ones body relaxes and if the mattress is too hard, ones spine is bent. Not good. More give (although not a hammock) will keep your spine more level.

Too hard: If your current mattress is too hard, a foam mattress topper can leave you with support while still giving the shoulders the sink and rest they need, without the expense of replacing the mattress.

“Soft spots”: If your current mattress has any “soft spots”, a topper will not work. The soft spots will work against you and force your body into a wrong position. A high quality mattress topper should last 3-4 years, with regular spinning and flipping. It also has the added bonus of making the mattress underneath last long because that mattress is doing less work.

Lower Back: If one has a bad lower back, one generally needs harder mattress. You and your back goes into its natural position when you are sleeping. If, due to an accident, old age, wear and tear, or a combination, your lower back natural position is now no longer correct, a firmer mattress will keep it out of its new incorrect natural position. One can also use a foam mattress topper on top to take the surface firmness off, for when you roll on your side.

Always try a foam mattress as you would at home. If you sleep on your side, back and stomach, try it on all sides. Too hard a mattress is as bad as too soft. Tell your mattress person what is wrong and they should, as long as they have some experience, be able to help.

Or call us for any more question you may have.