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Foam experts, Foam careCaring for foam is truly not much different than caring for a regular mattress, but we do emphasize these ideas because we care about customer satisfaction and prolonging the life of our product.

Foam needs to breathe, as do all types of standard mattresses. Slatted frames work best under foam because they allow air flow. This prevents moisture build-up caused by humidity and body moisture.

Tips to care for your foam mattress

Every six months (or less if you like), either spin your mattress head-end to foot-end, OR flip your foam mattress over. This will give you more even wear and prolong the life of your mattress. This not only works for foam, but for ANY mattress. If you flip your mattress, then in six months, spin it head-end to foot-end. If you spin your mattress, then in six months, flip it.

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