Foam Products & Uses

Diversity of Foam Products in Our Vancouver Store

Foam experts, Foam careOur extensive knowledge and our commitment to customer service combine to provide a huge variety of foam products at the lowest prices. In addition to our vast list of proven applications we also have custom cutting ability which provides limitless options.

We offer a wide variety of foam products designed for your home or for your business. In our selection you will find all type of solutions to make your home more comfortable or functional. Our professional services include a wide range of industries from entertainment to the medical sector. Visit our home and professional products pages to get full information about our products.

Custom foam products

We cut the foam to create the most suitable  size and shape for your foam products. The combination of our experience with new technology makes it possible to create the perfect product for your personal use or business. From medical pillows to yoga mats or childproofing items, we can handle all types of foam products.

What set us apart from the competition is the quality of our customer service and our knowledgable staff. Our staff have years of experience working with foam products and mattresses and  their skills advance at the same time that foam technology does. Therefore, in our store you will find experts who can advice you in the latest technology and products as well as we have the most modern equipment that will guarantee your satisfaction with Discount Foam service.

Providing you with high foam quality is also  core in our business. We have in our store products of the highest foam quality at the best price, however if you have a budget we have suitable alternatives that will perfectly work for you. Call us or come to our facilities to get free advice from our experts.

For more information about our foam mattresses, visit our mattresses page.