Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses and Memory foam

Cheap Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses are a great option for comfortable sleep at a lower price. First, you should know that there are different grades and qualities of foam. Depending on whether you are looking for a new bed for your toddler, choosing an affordable option during university, or setting up a guest bedroom, there are different points to consider, but foam mattresses is definitely one of the most affordable options. We have years of experience and are here to help you choose what works for you.

Custom Foam Mattresses

As Vancouver’s leading foam mattresses provider, we can customize your foam mattress according to your needs. We can cut the foam to fit your current bed, and ensure the perfect fit for children’s beds, bunk beds, twin, double, queen, king or custom sizes. In foam mattress customization, there are two ways we can tailor for you:

  • Custom Size: Ikea-size replacements, waterbed replacements, and home-built frames.
  • Custom Shape: Boat Cushions, V-Berths, and Cabin Size.

Ultimately, your sleep quality is our top priority. Besides a good memory foam mattress, we can provide pine beds for mattress support – made in Canada. We work with you to bring together the elements you need for a good night’s sleep.

Additional Mattress Options

  • Natural Latex Mattresses (Fair Trade Rubber)
  • Memory Foam Mattresses
  • Custom Size Mattresses (see above)
  • Custom Shape Mattresses (see above)
  • Guest Beds
  • Hide-a-Beds
  • Fold-a-Beds
  • Convoluted Foam (Egg Crate Toppers)
  • Flat Toppers
  • Crib Mattresses
  • Daycare Mats

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