Memory Foam Matresses

Memory Foam, high quality mattresses

NASA engineers first designed memory foam in the 60’s for airplane seats becoming later one of the most popular materials for mattresses. The reduction of its cost made memory foam more popular among mattresses manufacturers and the public.  Other uses of memory foam are for sleepers, helmet cushions, pillows, office chairs, etc.

Two of the main advantages of this type of foam are its softness and adaptability to different body shapes.  Memory foam mattresses absorb movements distributing evenly body weights, which make your sleep very comfortable when sharing a bed, and it returns to its original shape when we remove the weight. On memory foam mattresses turns and movements are less noticed than on other types of mattresses making them ideal sleeping surfaces. The ability to distribute weight evenly across the surface also helps with reducing pressure points, such as shoulders, preventing body pains, and soreness.

Advantages of Memory Foam Mattresses


Memory foam is also sensitive to temperatures. In very cold nights the foam absolves the body heat making your bed a warm and cozy place to be. New technologies have also make memory foam comfortable in hot environments by softening, making it possible a good night sleep under high temperatures.

Another advantage of memory foam is its anti-allergy properties thanks to the polyurethane component that is an organic material that prevents against allergies. If you suffer from frequent allergy reactions, memory foam is a good option for your mattress.

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Although more expensive than other mattresses, the quality and durability of memory foam make it worth the price. We estimate the life of a memory foam mattress between 10 to 15 years, however, we’d recommend replacement every 7 years to ensure optimum benefits.

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