Yoga foam products and foam rollers

Foam is used for a wide range of products in home and work environments, but another wide use of foam is in the sport and recreation industry due to its flexibility and cushioning characteristics that make the sport practice safe and comfortable.  Foam products are found in many recreation and sport venues such as gyms, yoga studios, martial arts centers, etc.

In Vancouver and the Lower Mainland two of the most widely practiced sport activities are running and yoga and foam plays a vital role in the safe practice of both sports because of the related products it is used for. Some of the examples of foam sport products for runners and yogis that we sell at our Discount Foam store which we can customize for you are the following:

foam yoga mat

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Foam for Yoga

Foam yoga mats: in yoga, foam a mats not only provides a nice and warm cushioning seat when relaxing and meditating but also it provides a sticky surface that helps with the balance. The mat also helps to define your space during the practice.

Foam yoga blocks: these are also very helpful since they help to keep your balance in some stretching postures by resting your hand on it. Some people used them to seat, since they find them more comfortable than seating directly on the mat, or as a support under the sacrum when practicing the bridge posture.

Foam Rollers

Foam rollers or cylinders: these are helpful items for runners because they are used to massage tight muscles providing a sense of relaxation and comfort. Providing some pressure with the roller to knotted areas helps releasing the tightness and discomfort that can interfere with your performance. Runners use cylinders to release muscles on the thighs, calves, knees, and glutes.

If you have a particular idea or requirement for a specific sport material made of foam lets us know and we will help you to decide the best foam type and the design at the best price without compromising quality and safety.

At Discount Foam our aim is bringing you a personalized foam solution at an affordable price.