Foam Mattresses for Fibromyalgia

Foam Mattresses for Fibromyalgia

Waking up pain-free is a distant memory for many folks. There are various reasons for pain and discomfort to plague the body. Those who are diagnosed with fibromyalgia know it better than most.


People who endure fibromyalgia experience an incessant level of pain, which links to how your brain and spinal cord experience painful (or nonpainful) stimuli. Keep reading to learn how a foam mattress can help.


The level of musculoskeletal pain can be drastically reduced with a mattress that suits your needs. All bodies are unique, and no two people who have fibromyalgia have the same symptoms and may not be affected in the same area.


For the chance to let your body feel like it’s floating, customize a foam mattress by softness or firmness at Discount Foam. The benefits of foam mattresses for Greater Vancouverites are infinite!


Let Sleeping Bones Lie 

Convoluted and memory foam will absorb the motion, as it happens. That means less sleep interruption and a better chance for your brain and body to heal.


Your body works hard when you sleep to help with cell regeneration for your muscles, organs, and signals.


REM sleep is required to achieve the highest production rate of healing in the body. We naturally slow our breathing and our muscles when we reach deep sleep.


If you can't achieve restorative sleep, your body will let you know, especially if you are navigating fibromyalgia. These poor nights of sleep can lead to more inflammation, which leads to excessive insomnia. This, of course, is the perfect formula for flare-ups.


Having a foam mattress personalized for your body can completely shift your experience living with fibromyalgia as it can improve your quality of sleep. 


Don't Sleep on This Opportunity 

You deserve to rest your head at night and wake up feeling able. Having access to the best mattresses for fibromyalgia can increase your quality of life. You can rely on industry experts to help you identify what does and doesn't serve your body while sleeping.


Your experience with the staff at Discount Foam will be personalized and catered to the exact support you're looking for. 


Let us guide you to find the mattress that you deserve. We're ready to help you get to the sleep you've been dreaming of.



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