To Replace or Not to Replace? A Guide for Couch Cushions

You love your couches and sofas. For years, they provided you with the right amount of comfort, a place to snuggle, and they fit your living room perfectly. Getting rid of them wouldn't make sense, but it might be time to admit the cushions have seen better days. 


Instead of throwing the entire couch away, show some TLC and determine if you can replace the cushions. When in doubt, Discount Foam is your go-to store for custom seat cushions in Vancouver. Keep reading to learn when it’s time to replace your couch cushions.


Cushions Aren't What They Used to Be

Did you know the average modern-day person spends over nine hours a day sitting down? A good amount of that is on the couch.


Having quality cushion support isn't just about comfort but also essential for your posture. Here are some telling signs if you need new couch cushions.


1. Time

No one likes to spend money unnecessarily. And we all know that couches and sofas can get pricey. So, we understand why people would instead hold on to their furniture as long as possible.


There is no set time of when to replace your seat cushions. Instead, think about how the sofa feels.


2. Droopy 

Over time, your new, bouncy cushions might lose their shape and comfort. What was once a cozy, firm surface can become a sagging mess.


Some people may buy a couch that doesn’t feel right from the start – whether it is too firm or too soft. This is where customizing the foam interior may give you the comfort that you need.


Once the couch cushion stuffing gets overused, you can expect to feel less support.


3. Aches and Pains

Do you ever wake up from naps feeling significant aches down your spine? If your back feels like you just went five rounds with a jiu-jitsu master, it's time to call the pros.


Even when you sit for an extended period, you might feel pain in your lower back, depending on the couch's firmness. When your couch sags, the more it affects your body and encourages you to slouch. If you notice that it is difficult to change your sitting position because of the cushion quality, it might be time to replace your cushions before the back pain worsens.


4. Spring Inserts

There are (believe it or not) seat cushions that have springs inside the foam. This causes the couch to go lumpy quite quickly, leading to extremely bad support for your back. In this case, it is best to replace the whole cushion rather than just the springs.


Final Decision

No matter what signs you see, the ultimate decision is yours with assessing if the quality meets your specific needs. Here at Discount Foam, we are the experts on seat cushions that Vancouver residents have trusted for over forty years. Contact us, and we will guide you throughout the way!


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