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Why Change Your Boat Cushions?

Over 12 million adult Canadians go boating every year. If you own a boat, you want to keep it in peak condition.


One thing that often gets forgotten is the cushions. You use them all the time, and yet, you may not give them much thought. In fact, you may not have even noticed that it might be time to replace them. 


Keep reading to find out if it's time to replace your cushions and what you should do next.


Why Do You Need to Replace Your Cushions?

Cushions are not made to last forever, they may have mildew, mold, be worn down, stained, or otherwise rotting. Replacing your cushions creates a healthier environment, free of potential air-borne pollutants and allergens moldy, mildewy cushions will produce.


When Is the Best Time to Replace Your Boat Cushions?

Some clear signs that you need replacement cushions include:

  • Mold or mildew smell
  • Lack of support
  • UV Damage
  • Uneven sitting/sleeping surface
  • Black dots on the surface of the foam


When you unzip your cushions and if there are black dots in your foam, this is an indication of mold or mildew. Moisture often gets trapped in cushions resting on flat, solid surface, especially on boats where little to no airflow is present between uses. The longer your boat sits, the more often you’ll need to change your boat cushions. To extend the life of your boat cushions, store them in a warm, dry place between outings or when your boat is unused for long stretches of time.


Replace Your Current Cushions with Cushions Made for Your Boat

To ensure a perfect fit for seating and bedding in your boat, Custom-cut cushions are the best way to go. Our team will make sure that all cushions are suited to the unique use of each area of your boat, whether for seating or sleeping. Thicknesses and compressions and densities are all under consideration. Discount Foam will make this process simple.


For best results, customers can bring in their previously enjoyed boat cushions to ensure the right shape and sizing.

Because our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority, we will work with you to get the final product best suited for your needs. 


Maintaining Your New Cushions

Keep the cushions dry as often as possible! Like we mentioned earlier, store your boat cushions in a warm, dry place between outings or when your boat is unused for longer periods of time.


Talk to Discount Foam about the type of covering, if needed. Depending on the cushion's location on your vehicle and the type of cushions you get, this may not always be necessary. 


Do You Need New High-Quality Foam Cushions in Vancouver?

If you're looking for foam cushions in Vancouver, Discount Foam is here to help you get exactly what you want. To learn more, be sure to request a quote or give us a call today (phone number) on Discount Foam custom or featured products.



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