Outdoor Foam Cushions & More in Vancouver

When it comes to offering customized foam cushions for outdoor spaces in Vancouver, we are known to create the perfect product for your unique needs. If you are looking for foam used outside your home, factors such as durability and resilience are important to consider. We pride ourselves on our foam production when turning designs into reality. You can trust us to fabricate foam products for you right the first time!

Experts Behind Your Foam

Our team has over 40 years of experience working on foam cushions within Greater Vancouver. We utilize this knowledge and tried-and-true techniques to create the perfect product you are looking for. 

We specialize in custom cuts and tailor the foam to various shapes and sizes as per your specifications. You will have the opportunity to meet our foam specialist, who will work hands-on with you to create the best-fit design for your product. Whether you need advice on choosing densities (foam quality) and compressions (firmness), our specialist will bring you lasting results.

Our Range of Outdoor Foam Products

Looking for patio or RV cushions for your outdoor recreational space or vehicle? We have your back (yard)! We make your adventures and travel endeavours easy by enhancing your space and making it comfortable with excellent foam products. Outdoor foam options are made to size and options include:

  • Boat cushions

  • Boat mattresses

  • RV foam cushions

  • RV mattresses

  • Car, truck, and van camping mattresses

  • Motorcycle seats

  • Camping mattresses

  • Hammock mattresses

  • Sleeping pads

  • Chair cushions

  • Patio cushions

  • Mattress toppers / convoluted foam (egg-crate toppers)

  • Covers (water resistant and cloth)

  • Fold-a-beds

  • Hide-a-beds

  • Futon foam

  • Soundproofing foam

  • And more!

If you’re interested in other types of foam products, we also customize indoor foam and specialized foam for organizations.

Durable Foam for Travel

Some of the common foam products that travellers use are:

  • RV, motor-home, trailer, travel trailer, dinettes and beds

  • V-berths, quarter berths, and side berths (boat cushions)

  • 5-wheel, bolster cushion and mattress replacements

  • Camping foam and camping pads

Stay Comfortable Outside

Choose comfort with our quality foam cushions for Vancouver and Lower Mainland residents.

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