Providing Custom Foam Products in Vancouver

Discount Foam has been providing custom foam solutions in Vancouver and throughout the Lower Mainland since 1981. We have the expertise to make foam products in virtually every size, shape, and format using diverse foam materials based on your specific needs.

We’re Here to Help from Start to Finish

From the initial consultation until the completion of the product, we assist you throughout the process. We start by listening to your requirements, selecting the most suitable material, and then designing the products according to your budget and specifications. We have the right equipment to turn your vision into reality, providing you with quality foam at cost-effective and affordable prices.


We look forward to assisting you with your foam product needs. Contact us for a free quotation for your custom foam products and projects.


Know Your Foam and Its Uses

Several factors contribute to customizing your foam in Vancouver. Whether it be your home, RV, boat, or business, there are usually several areas in your space to add cozy cushioning or create an extra sleeping space. You can entrust us to cut your foams for pillows, cushions, mattresses and more with varying firmness to meet your exact needs. You can use your custom foam for couches, camping beds, medical support wedges, mattresses, or other commercial and residential purposes.


Benefits of Custom Foam at Discount Foam

Best fit for unique applications

Best fit for unique applications, sizes, and shapes.


Option to choose between firmness or softness.

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Custom cut foam does not cost more than standard cut foam.

recycling bin

Complimentary foam recycling is offered for foam previously purchased from Discount Foam or when purchasing new foam from us.*

*Foam must be free from mold, mildew or other moisture problems.

Affordable, Customizable with Specialized Help

We are committed to providing quality foams at affordable prices. As the only independent foam provider in Vancouver, we offer free delivery to all our customers within the Lower Mainland. 


When you choose our foam products, you can be assured to receive diverse sizes and shapes to meet your unique requirements. We strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction by personalizing our services.


Our owner, Jon, will work as your specialized foam consultant to ensure that your needs are best met. You can entrust our knowledgeable staff who are honest, transparent, and experienced within the industry. Choose the most suitable foam for you and your loved ones or customers to show that you care.

The Diverse Industries We Work With

Currently, we work with a comprehensive set of industries, including automotive, sport, medical, upholstery, music, and more. We also provide services to many individuals and retailers with delivery available across the Lower Mainland. Our company has over 39 years of experience and our team is committed to providing you with foam products that are durable, efficient, and competitively priced. If you have any queries about our products or services, always feel free to get in touch. We will be happy to assist you with all your foam product needs. We also offer free quotations on your custom foam projects!

Step-By-Step Process of Ordering a Custom Foam

Call-in or complete the E-form.

One of our custom foam experts, Jon or Sean, makes recommendations and provides approximate pricing.

Bring in the cushion or mattress measurements.

Jon or Sean shows options and provides a quote.

The customer is called after the custom foam has been cut and shaped (within 3-4 business days).

The customer brings in previously enjoyed foam in covers.

Jon or Sean fits new foam into the existing covers.

Complimentary recycling of previously enjoyed foam if it is free from mold, mildew or other moisture problems.

Customer goes home happy!

Explore Custom Foam Options

Ask about custom-fit foam for your camper or RV!

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